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- Tattoo Removal -
Get rid of those unwanted tattoos now! We use state of the art laser technology, to remove unwanted tatoos. Contact us today for a consultation.

- Laser Hair Removal –
Never shave or wax again! Get the smooth, hair-free skin you’ve always wanted. Laser hair removal is a safe treatment for the effective and gentle removal of unwanted hair.

- Sun and Age Spot Removal –
Undo the damage of years in the sun! As people age, sunspots frequently appear. With many different treatment options, we decide which laser will work best for your skin type.

- Skin Tag Removal –
Feel confident about your skin! Skin tags are very common and look like small pieces of hanging skin. We use a radio frequency machine to cauterize the skin tag’s blood source to help make sure the skin tag does not re-grow.

- Toe Fungus Treatments –
Go barefoot with confidence! Our revolutionary laser treatments are safe, effective and pain free. Even if you’ve had this condition for years, 80% of our clients get rid of nail fungus entirely. $150 per treatment X 3 treatments.

- Spider Veins –
It’s time to show off your legs! Spider Veins or telangiectasias appear when small clusters of blood vessels form close to the skin surface. They generally look like a spider’s web and are usually red or purple.

- Nose Veins –
Don’t be a Rudolph! As we age, tiny veins start showing up around and on our nose. These are some of the easiest and most permanent treatments we have. One treatment and they are gone!

-Capillary Hemangioma –
What is that? Ever look in a mirror and see a small red dot that showed up like…overnight? We all get these on our shoulders, backs and chests and they are commonly known as ‘cherries’. Blast ’em with the laser and they are gone for good.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Jay Kennedy-Antillon
reviewed SOS saveourskin — 5 star
June 6, 2017
"Amazing service! I had some skin work done and everything healed perfectly!!!! I felt very comfortable and Gayedine went over every detail and answered all my questions. HIGHLY Recommended!!!!"

reviewed SOS saveourskin — 5 star
Oct 26, 2017
"I was referred to SOS savourskin by my cousin who had tattoo removal done with them 2 years ago and was happy with his results. I called and spoke to Gayedine and the next thing I knew, I have one treatment under my belt. Gayedine explained eveything to me in a way I could understand what to excpect. I had never had laser done on me. I will be returning and referring anyone I know who needs tattoo removal."

reviewed SOS saveourskin — 5 star
Aug 15, 2017
When I first came to SOS saveourskin I was really nervous. I had been in an abusive relationship and was embarrased to show Gayedine my tattoos. Her empathy and compassion for me filled her clinic. I did not feel embarrassed anymore but hopeful! I have had 3 treatments and each time it's rewarding. Thank you for being more than just a service.

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Mustache Mondays - Upper Lip Hair Removal six treatments for $150.

15% Discount for all Current and Veterans of Military Service.

15% Discount for Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors

15% Discount for all Students with a Valid School ID

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